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Efficiently staffed 
the Faulkner is modern in every 
respect ... a going organization, 
indispensable to Brookline, West 
Roxbury, Dedham, Jamaica Plain, 
Milton, Roslindale, and nearby 

Centre Street, Jamaica TlaitL^ 
Overlooking the ^A rboretu ni-i 

' The Skyline of Inspiration ' 


E urge you to visit the new 
Surgical Wing of the Faulkner Hospital. Take the elevator to the top 
floor of this new building. Standing on one of the sun porches there 
stretches out before vou one of the most inspiring views of all that lies 
to the south of Boston. 

At your feet is the Arnold Arboretum. Then, looming up beyond are 
the Blue Hills. You will see the tower at Bellevue, and, if the sun is 
right, the sparkle of Muddy Pond. 

A view beyond description . . . imagine what a force it will be in help- 
ing thousands to renewed health, in the years to come. It has been 
termed "the skyline of inspiration." 

Then, turn from the skyline. There at the bottom of the hill is the New 
Nurses' Home (1927) which takes the place of the old home (1913) 

situated in the rear of the Faulkner Group. Then there is the New 
Heating Plant (1929), the Service Building (1929), The New Nur- 
sery (1930) joining the remodelled Maternity Building (1917). And 
finally, the recently made over Administration and Medical Buildings 
(1903), which are the original buildings in the group. 

Here is a modern hospital indeed . . . expertly staffed . . . fully 
equipped . . . modern in every respect. Here, too, in these bricks and 
mortar is "inspiration." The same inspiration that led a country doctor 
to dedicate all his worldly possessions to the founding of this hospital 
which bears his name. 

The Faulkner is the outstanding hospital in the district to the south 
and west of Boston. It has the equipment ... it has the start ... its 
ability to serve the people of Brookline, Dedham, Jamaica Plain, Milton, 
Roslindale, and West Roxburv is limited only by the financial assistance 
that it receives from those who recognize the necessity of increasing 
the scope of its good work. 

We need vour help. 

Last Year's Work 

Number of patients treated January 

1, 1929 to January 1, 1930 . . 2,1-14 

Largest number in hospital any one 

day 87 

Number of free patients admitted 106 
Number of partly paying patients 

admitted 985 

Number of paying patients admitted 584 

Number of babies born .... 395 
Number of operations . . . .1.115 

Now — the Surgical Wing 

In March 1904, the records showed 
that 301 patients had been admitted to the 
hospital during the first year. 

In December 1929 the records showed 
that 2,070 patients had been admitted to 
the hospital during the twenty-ninth year. 

And now the New Surgical Wing almost 
doubles the capacity of the Hospital- — mak- 
ing it possible for the Faulkner to extend 
its scope ami to care for all patients with- 
out any semblance of the crowding neces- 
sary in the past few years. 

A Few Notes to Patients 

All inquiries about patients or the admission ot 
prospective patients should be made to the Super* 
intendent or the Admitting Officer. 

Patients may be Cared tor only by members ot the 
Hospital or Courtesy Stafl 

Ward patients tor tree, part pay or house SCffV- 
ice may be referred tor admittance by an\ physi 

cian, providing the patient resides in Jamaica Plain, 

Roslindale or West Roxbury. 

Free patients receive bospital care, medical and 
surgical servit e entirely nee 
Part pay patients receive medical and surgical 

5ervice free and pay I smaller amount than the 
house servit e »■ barge lor hospital «. are 

Private patients pa\ their hospital charges and 
their physi( i.m's tec as well. 

Mater n it \ service is pn\ ate The patient is cared 

tor by her own phySK lan-who must be a member 
ot the Hospital or ( ourtesc Matt 

As a precaution against inftciion, children under 

12 years ot age are not permitted tO visit patients 

except on Saturday afternoon from 2 p.m. to (p.m. 

Exceptions to the visiting bouts will be made in 

uses ot critical illness As .1 protection tor the 

patients' welfare only two visitors are permitted 

at a time, as follow s 

Private Room patients 9a m to 9p.m. 
Semi-Private Room patients \ to 8p.m. 

Ward patients - tO 1 p m and J to S p in 

It is the desire of the hospital to furnish the best 
type of service and it is requested that any criticism 
or suggestions foi improvement be made to the 

Superintendent ot Assistant Super nit endent 
Rates range tioin 5 J 50 a <.\.\\ to 51 5 a da\ 

Highlights in Faulkner History 

1900 Nov. l > Subscribers to an Agreement met. 

1903 Feb. 26 Buildings Opened tO the Public. 
Mar. 9 First patient admitted. 

1904 March End of first jresr, three hundred and one 
patients had been admitted. 

1908 May Typhoid epidemic, 47 « red tor. 

191 l Aug. J - Death of Dr. Faulkner. 

i 91 J M.iv Nurses' Home opened. 

1915 Jan. Superintendent given leave of absence to 

o 1 overseas tor tour months with Har- 
vard Unit. 

1917 Maj Fifty beds offered U.S. Navj in case o( 

Aug. 8 Maternity Building opened. 

1917 Dec. 6 Halifax disaster. Superintendent and mem- 

bers of Start released for. relief work. 

191 8 Oct. Influenza Epidemic. Maternity Building 

temporarily closed. Hospital given over 
to care of these e.iscs. 
1920 Hospital became member of American Hos 

pita! Association. 

1922 Nov. Faulkner Hospital accepted as Grade A 

hospital by American College of Sur- 

1924 Nov. 83-85-80 patients in Hospital on 3 con- 
st c uti\ c daj s 

p'JoM.iv L5 \c\% Nurses Home opened. 

L928Ma] Number of patients treated, and number 

ot free .\n<\ parti) paying patients aA- 
mittcel exceeds all previous records. 
Nov. 1 1 Patients moved into new Surgical Wing. 

1930 Apr. 2 1 \iw Surgical \\ ing opened to public. 



We wish that you would ask for the superinten- 
dent. Ask her to tell you about the work being done 
here. Ask her to show you about the new Surgical 
Wing. We know that upon closer acquaintance you 
will want to make the Faulkner 'your' charity. 


Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 

1 want to have a share in the work of the Faulkner Hospital. 

I I I will give $.... to the Faulkner now. 

| I I will give $ _ annually. 

| | I will leave $ under my will.